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The Struggle Is Real

From the perspective from current Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) students, learn, study and review topics from all 4 branches of this profession just in time for the BoC.

  • Microbiology

  • Clinical Chemistry

  • Hematology

  • Blood Bank


Along with some sub-genres such as:

  • Mycology

  • Urinalysis & Body Fluids

  • Molecular biology

  • And more


This is a non-profit passion project created to spread more awareness to "the behind-the-scenes" field that is CLS. Our team comprise of students and laboratorians who volunteer to donate their time to contribute to this website while juggling their school and work life. We hope to expand our reach one day with the help of more funding, but until then, please bear with us. 


Study & Info Guide

By Students

For Students

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These are some uncertain times...

We know this is a stressful time, but the Lab Rat community will be here for you.

Remember Knowledge is Power.


Fear will not overcome but we must take this seriously.

Learn about coronavirus-19 through the CLS perspective with us through our blog & forum.


We will also include informational websites & resources that you can trust.

To protect yourself & others remember to:

  • Wash Your Hands

  • Practice Social Distancing​

  • Keep checking CDC recommendations & their updates​

  • Get the Vaccine!


Get Your COVID Vaccine Today!

Check below or

 Click Here for Vaccine Finder.

Visit to find vaccination providers near you. In some states, information may be limited while more U. S. vaccination providers and pharmacies are being added. Learn more about COVID-19 Vaccination Locations on

To all the Lab Rats working on the bench right now on the front lines,

Thank You

Words can never be enough.

Every laboratorian is working so hard with doctors, nurses & the other health professionals trying to protect us and help every patient by putting your lives on the line and making sacrifices so we don't have to. 

Every CLS out there are heroes.

So thank you, for everything that you do.

We will get through this together

Thinking about going into the medical field but not sure where to start?

When you think about the medical field, what's the first professions that come to your mind?

Doctors? Nurses? Physical Therapists? 


What if I told you there's an amazing field hidden behind-the-scenes that is the driving force of medicine we know today? 

Well you're at the right place! 

Not only is this is a study guide site for CLS students it's also your 1-stop info guide in the field of:

Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS)

So whether you're: 

  • a high school/ college/ grad student

  • Other health professional

  • Fellow Laboratorian (student or in the field)

  • Or just interested in the field of science

There is something for everyone here! 

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Clinical Chemistry


Blood Bank


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